🏝️Announcing Secondary Land Offering dates📅 + Special SLO Rewards!🎁

First things first: mark your calendars because Secondary Land Offering will be happening from the 📅 1st of November — 18th of December! 📅

7 weeks of epic auctions for premium PARCELs via OpenSea and amazing rewards! Moreover this time PARCELs will be available in 3 different currencies — Ethereum, Somnium CUBEs & DAI Stablecoin, so that everyone can choose their favorite payment methods!

⚠️️ PLEASE NOTE: Within the next 2 weeks we will announce exact pricing and auction rules with maps, locations and timetables. We will also announce a truly revolutionary NEW FEATURE which will unlock full potential of PARCELs and will shape true creation of The Metaverse for decades to come. TRUST US — you don’t want to miss that announcement! ⚠️

Somnium Space is a Virtual Reality company and we want as many people as possible to dive into the other side of the monitor in order to feel the magic of being inside another world! That is why we are announcing amazing SLO reward program! We will reward every active buyer with amazing prizes.

Rules are very simple:

Woaah… That’s what we call an AirDrop! All of those prizes will make you a Virtual Reality citizenship ready right away! Question? Join our Discord! 👇

What happened in previous auctions? ILO & Road2SLO recap. 💰

What an incredible and exciting ride it was starting through 2017 with the first MVP and 2018 with our first Somnium Space 1.0 on Steam. In 2019 we completed our vision of a working economy with the integration of blockchain into our platform allowing users to truly own their in-game assets and trade them directly between each other or through NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

During the ILO we sold 1100 ETH worth of parcels and items. The Road To SLO topped to our shock our ILO numbers with more than 2000 ETH worth of VR premium land sold and hundreds of new creators coming to our platform. We believe that Secondary Land Offering will allow us to welcome many new creative users into our platform who missed our previous auctions.

Since the start of this year we have been rolling out features on a weekly basis. Among some notable features are: NFT integration & Audio live-streaming zones , Visual Scripting, VR Camera app, Avatars UnitySDK, Rent Your Parcel, In-world VR streaming, In-world Blockchain transactions, Interoperability and much more. VR Land parcels in Somnium have never had a better utility and possibilities before! Today it takes less than 10 minutes from the moment you buy a PARCEL to the moment you build and enjoy it in native VR with your friends inside the Somnium world!

World’s first fully VR blockchain transaction made from within Somnium Space 🤯

Somnium Space in Numbers:

Client Downloads: 50 000 +

Economy turnover to date: 8,351.06 ETH (more than USD 3,000,000)

Average asset price: 4.27 ETH (~USD 1,500)

Somnium Space CUBEs: 0.24$/CUBE

*prices are calculated at the time of writing as of October 1st 2020.

Stay tuned and join our Discord or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to not miss any important announcement.

Your Somnium Space Team!



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Somnium Space

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!