🗺️Road 2 TLO auction dates📅, 💲Creators FUND💲, BuilderSDK🛠️ (LIVE🔴), WORLDs SDK 🌎technical info's!

🗺️ 1. Road 2 TLO: Land Parcels, Estates, WORLDs + Big Surprise

💲 2. Announcing Somnium Creators FUND

  • There is a total budget of ~10000 USD in Somnium CUBEs per month ready to be distributed among projects.
  • One project can get up to ~ 1000 USD / month in CUBEs for a duration of max. 3 months. If project duration is longer, one has to apply for an extension after 3 months.
  • Pay out schedule will be agreed with each project individually.
  • In order to apply you have to fill in ➡️ THIS FORM ⬅️
  • After filling the form please post in Creators Fund Discord channel this message: “Hello, I have just filled in Somnium Creators Fund application for my project |name of your project|.
  • Please wait patiently and we will come back to you in case your project application will go to the final round.
  • In case your application will be chosen to proceed to a final round you will be asked to present a short 10 minutes pitch of the project in front of judges and our community inside our Somnium Web / 2D / VR client at discretion of Somnium Space.

🛠️ 3. BuilderSDK is now LIVE🔴

Since a Beta release of our BuilderSDK users are uploading incredible creations on to their land parcels!

User generated structures which were created and uploaded via Somnium Space Builder SDK so far.

🌎 4. Somnium WORLDs SDK pre-release information.

Somnium Space WORLDs arethe next revolutionary step. To learn more read THIS article in Somnium Times.
  • You will be able to upload complete interactive and programmable scenes into Somnium WORLDs using Somnium WORLDs SDK.
  • Somnium SDK makes it possible to use ⚡Unity BOLT Plugin as a backbone tool for programming and designing your WORLD.
  • Unity Bolt Plugin is a very powerful tool which brings enhanced visual scripting capabilities to Unity, allowing artists, designers and programmers to create complete games & interactive systems without writing a single line of code.
  • Somnium Space allows seamless integration of Unity Bolt created scenes into Somnium WORLDs, provides ready made multiplayer back-end for your creation and serves as an entire infrastructure for your WORLD, so that you as a creator do not need to worry about all of that.
  • We have placed virtually no limitations on creativity inside our SDK. So the main limitation so far is the MB size of your world. (S, M, XL).
  • Official Alpha release of Somnium WORLDs SDK is planned in June 2021!
  • There are plenty of tutorials and videos about Unity BOLT plugin, so that literally anyone can become a WORLD creator.
  • More technical documentation will be released throughout month of June, so stay tuned.
  • Don’t forget to use Unity version 2019.2.4



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Somnium Space

Somnium Space

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!