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5 min readJun 11, 2021


You know us at Somnium Space — we never bring epic news one at a time! Instead, we bring them to you all together in one nuclear post! So buckle up your virtual seat belts, because we are about to have a wild ride throughout Somnium Space VR Metaverse announcements!

🗺️ 1. Road 2 TLO: Land Parcels, Estates, WORLDs + Big Surprise


Our last land auction (Secondary Land Offering) went extremely well where we have sold over 1.5 Million USD worth of land, WORLDs and Estates. Many new and exciting things happened since then. New features have been released such as SomniumWEB client or Minting full body VR NFT Avatars, Builder SDK and much more! Thousands of new users have become citizens of Somnium and they all were asking the same question — “When is the next land auction?!” So wait no more! We are delighted to announce that Road to Tertiary Land Offering will be running throughout whole July starting from 5th of July until 31st of July. Four intense weeks which will include 200 exclusive land parcels, WORLDs NFTs of all sizes + 1 Estate per week. As usual, people will be able to buy with Ethereum and Somnium CUBEs, and as usual listings in Somnium CUBEs will be posted at nicely discounted prices! We will also reveal a HUGE SURPRISE in few weeks before Road2TLO — don’t miss that!

💲 2. Announcing Somnium Creators FUND

At Somnium, we have undoubtedly one of the best communities in the world! And we truly LOVE all of you. Thousands of creative individuals from all over the world are creating amazing content and experiences inside Somnium on a daily basis. In order to further support and foster our creators community we are establishing a Creators Fund! So what is this fund and how does it work? This fund is made for those, who want to create inside Somnium Metaverse. Are you a musician looking to build a venue and hire / attract more artists? Maybe you are an amazing 3D modeler looking to make Somnium NFT Avatars or run a school inside Somnium? Perhaps you want to go full time and build the whole NFT WORLD with experiences and games? Do you want to run your own TV Show or become a Somnium Streamer? All those and much more use-cases can now apply for funding from Somnium Creators Fund. So how does it exactly work? Here are some facts:

  • There is a total budget of ~10000 USD in Somnium CUBEs per month ready to be distributed among projects.
  • One project can get up to ~ 1000 USD / month in CUBEs for a duration of max. 3 months. If project duration is longer, one has to apply for an extension after 3 months.
  • Pay out schedule will be agreed with each project individually.
  • In order to apply you have to fill in ➡️ THIS FORM ⬅️
  • After filling the form please post in Creators Fund Discord channel this message: “Hello, I have just filled in Somnium Creators Fund application for my project |name of your project|.
  • Please wait patiently and we will come back to you in case your project application will go to the final round.
  • In case your application will be chosen to proceed to a final round you will be asked to present a short 10 minutes pitch of the project in front of judges and our community inside our Somnium Web / 2D / VR client at discretion of Somnium Space.

We can’t wait to receive all your ideas and support our growing community even further!

🛠️ 3. BuilderSDK is now LIVE🔴

Since a Beta release of our BuilderSDK users are uploading incredible creations on to their land parcels!

Here are just some examples of what our users have deployed on their land parcels in less than a week time:

User generated structures which were created and uploaded via Somnium Space Builder SDK so far.

In case you want to start creating and uploading your custom models on your land parcels here is a short video tutorial:

🌎 4. Somnium WORLDs SDK pre-release information.

Somnium Space WORLDs arethe next revolutionary step. To learn more read THIS article in Somnium Times.

One of the most anticipated and exciting updates for Somnium Space since its inception is going to be an ability for our citizens to create their own custom made Somnium WORLDs. This opens up incredible possibilities for creators to forge their own environments, games, experiences and much more. We always wanted WORLDs to be special and technologically incredibly advanced. We wanted to give YOU — our creators most versatile tools available in order to NOT limit your imagination and creativity and we think we’ve succeeded. Today we are happy to announce a few key details about the process so that you can already start preparing your creations before SDK goes live this month:

  • You will be able to upload complete interactive and programmable scenes into Somnium WORLDs using Somnium WORLDs SDK.
  • Somnium SDK makes it possible to use ⚡Unity BOLT Plugin as a backbone tool for programming and designing your WORLD.
  • Unity Bolt Plugin is a very powerful tool which brings enhanced visual scripting capabilities to Unity, allowing artists, designers and programmers to create complete games & interactive systems without writing a single line of code.
  • Somnium Space allows seamless integration of Unity Bolt created scenes into Somnium WORLDs, provides ready made multiplayer back-end for your creation and serves as an entire infrastructure for your WORLD, so that you as a creator do not need to worry about all of that.
  • We have placed virtually no limitations on creativity inside our SDK. So the main limitation so far is the MB size of your world. (S, M, XL).
  • Official Alpha release of Somnium WORLDs SDK is planned in June 2021!
  • There are plenty of tutorials and videos about Unity BOLT plugin, so that literally anyone can become a WORLD creator.
  • More technical documentation will be released throughout month of June, so stay tuned.
  • Don’t forget to use Unity version 2019.2.4

We are very excited to share with you this new information and we can’t wait to see what you will be creating! So what are you waiting for?! Start creating your WORLDs now to be the first one to publish them into Somnium Space Metaverse!

Your Somnium Space Team!

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