🏝️Tertiary Land Offering (Week 1️), Admix exclusive partnership & NFT drop + more exclusive TLO items!

Week1️of Tertiary Land Offering Starts on 14th of November!

We are excited to finally share with you all details about our biggest yearly auctions! While many things are similar to previous auctions, there are some exciting new additions as well this time around.

List of NFTs on auction during Week 1 of Tertiary Land Offering on OpenSea store (Ethereum chain)

➡️ Join OpenSea (Ethereum) Week 1 AUCTION HERE ⬅️

➡️ Join Holaplex (Solana) Week 1 AUCTION HERE ⬅️

A significant new development is that Somnium Space will support multiple blockchains. In addition to Ethereum based NFT’s, support for Solana NFT’s (November 2021) is being added. To illustrate its significance, it will for example allow you to display your Solana art NFT’s on Ethereum based land parcel NFT’s. And vice versa. Or you can jump with your Solana Avatar into an Ethereum based racecar. Yes, this time we are running our auctions on Ethereum (OpenSea store) and Solana (Holaplex store).

List of NFTs on auction during Week 1 of Tertiary Land Offering on Holaplex Store (Solana chain)
Special Edition Somnium Space WORLDs — Solana Founders Edition (FE)

Somnium Space & Admix partner to revolutionize VR advertising!

We couldn’t be happier to announce our official partnership with Admix 🙌

We are also incredibly proud to announce that Cloud9 — an American professional esports company based in Santa Monica, California is our launching brand partner to become the first official advertiser on these NFT billboard network inside Somnium Metaverse!

Billboard NFT tokens for sale with 50%, 70% and 90% ad revenue share.

Special Tertiary Land Offering NFTs — AVATARS, CARS, TESLASUITs, Hard Cover Books and more!

To celebrate TLO auctions we have teamed up with best companies, creators and artists to bring you the most exclusive set of items available today. There is a mix of Solana and Ethereum specials, so buckle up your seat-belts and lets dive in!

Check this live in-game footage recorded directly inside Somnium Space VR

➡️ Join Holaplex (Solana) Week 1 AUCTION HERE ⬅️

SOLamandra are the first exclusive Somnium Space avatars on the Solana blockchain created by Planet VR. They include hand gesture triggered sword + shield (Rock N Roll, Fist) and fire breath (Hand Gun, Hand Gun).

6 unique Avatars will be auctioned weekly with a special Solana edition.

V-RACE safety car and matching VR Driver Avatar! — Ethereum Special

➡️ Join OpenSea (Ethereum) Week 1 AUCTION HERE ⬅️

HELIOS is a 1/1 edition unique driver/car combination where the car-color matching avatar carries a katana and is equipped with unique hand-gesture controlled animated VFX.

NFT tokens of Safety Car and matching Driver Avatar

Limited Founders Edition of DK1 TESLASUIT with one of a kind Somnium Space design elements and sensoric software integration.

Watch our CEO while giving a TEDx talk about the future of an immersive Metaverse while wearing TESLASUIT

Scenes of Somnium Space Hardcover Book

Exclusive, limited edition, Scenes of Somnium Space Hardcover Book. This book contains the 10 unique artworks (including sketches) by artist Marcelo Simonetti who immersed himself in Somnium Space and captured the essence of this Virtual Reality wonderworld through his art.

Scenes of Somnium Book NFT



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Somnium Space

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!