A first ever tokenized Somnium Space Genesis AVATAR. https://opensea.io/assets/0x2a378c8d96e7d994fb9bec6adb7c6af2fe772c3b/1

We are excited to introduce Somnium Blockchain AVATARs — an ability to tokenize your custom VR avatars directly from Somnium PC client.

The history was made — first ever Somnium VR AVATAR has been tokenized on Ethereum blockchain and became an NFT token.

Virtual goods are a huge market in billions of dollars, but most of this revenue goes to the creators of the platforms and not the creators of the goods themselves.There are non official secondary markets where creators can earn some money, but those markets are not transparent and secure. We are solving this with BLOCKCHAIN Avatars. Somnium…

Since the very beginning of Somnium our vision was clear — to create a decentralized parallel Virtual Reality world for everyone to join and exist. Since 2018 and Somnium V1 we have done an amazing progress.

First things first: mark your calendars because Secondary Land Offering will be happening from the 📅 1st of November — 18th of December! 📅

7 weeks of epic auctions for premium PARCELs via OpenSea and amazing rewards! Moreover this time PARCELs will be available in 3 different currencies — Ethereum, Somnium CUBEs & DAI Stablecoin, so that everyone can choose their favorite payment methods!

⚠️️ PLEASE NOTE: Within the next 2 weeks we will announce exact pricing and auction rules with maps, locations and timetables. We will also announce a truly revolutionary NEW FEATURE which will unlock full potential of…

Creating a Foundation for the future of Somnium Space digital and decentralized Virtual Reality Economy.

From now on you can trade Somnium CUBEs on Uniswap. This step completes our list of platforms where we offer our utility VR currency, after starting at Coinpark, a traditional and reliable (partner of BiBox) crypto exchange, we soon followed on OpenSea, the biggest NFT platform, where we completed our offering to PARCELs and ITEMs. With Uniswap the circle is complete as this decentralized platform will give everyone the possibility to swap into CUBEs. This holistic approach makes CUBEs accessible for everyone.

Creators contest will take place from 3rd until 17th of August!

We are happy to announce Somnium Space Creators Contest!

Recently we have been adding a lot of amazing features to our world Builder such as 360° portals, advanced web browser support, Visual Scripting, animated and transparent GIFs support, audio and video live-streams and much more!

All those features allow our community to make impressive creations inside Somnium VR world. And now it is time to let our best creators show what they are capable of!

Introducing CREATORS CONTEST! It will be running starting from today — 3rd of August until 17th of August. …

A true native Virtual Reality Treasure hunt happening inside Somnium Space VR

Spoiler alert: Date of SLO and Treasure hunt details are at the bottom of this post!

A short look back

What an incredible and exciting ride it was starting through 2017 with the first MVP and 2018 with our first Somnium Space 1.0 on Steam. In 2019 we completed our vision of a working economy with the integration of blockchain into our platform allowing users to truly own their in-game assets and trade them directly between each other or through amazing marketplace such as our great partner OpenSea! The partnership started with our Initial Land Offering (ILO) in October 2019…

MAXIMA Reality will be offering premium Real Estates services inside Somnium Space VR world.

Prague (CZ) — 27th of April 2020

Today MAXIMA Reality — one of the biggest real estate agencies in Czech Republic and Somnium Space — leading Virtual Reality platform built on Ethereum blockchain are announcing an official partnership to bring the Virtual Reality real estate market to the general public.

“Maxima Reality Estate Agency is the leading player in the premium real estate market in Czech Republic with deep knowledge and experience” says Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO Somnium Space. …

London (UK) / Prague (CZ) — March 24th 2020

The motto of Liberland is “To live and let live” as it prides itself on personal and economic freedom for its people and this is also something we at Somnium Space strongly believe in. …

10 weeks, 250 parcels! Get ready for a ride leading towards our SLO date announcement on May 29th 2020!

10 weeks, 250 parcels! Get ready for a ride leading towards our SLO dates announcement on May 29th!

At Somnium Space users have an incredible ability to own their land on blockchain and have full control over it. Buying land parcel tokens and starting to build right away is something magical. In total, up to 5,000 people will have the chance to own virtual reality land on the blockchain in Somnium Space. Hundreds of people have already taken the opportunity to build artistic and architectural creations that can be sold separately from the land. …

Creating a Foundation for the future of Somnium Space digital and decentralized Economy.

Sale of Somnium Cubes starts on the 20th of February via CoinPark exchange.

There is no doubt that more and more of human endeavors will move into digital environments and Somnium Space is and wants to be the most active Virtual Reality world in this space creating and driving trends. Our pioneering approach towards digital asset ownership in a virtual reality world and partnerships with other platforms creates the ultimate Metaverse. A life, economy and social system on the other side of the screens, or even better, inside your Virtual Reality headset. Last year we laid the technological ground stone…

Somnium Space

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!

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