Announcing 2022 Somnium Space Mixed Reality VR Fashion Show

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4 min readAug 11, 2022

First of its kind physical & digital fashion show happening all at once with a cross reality world wide audience physically in Prague and in VR.

We’re excited to announce our biggest event of this year: Mixed Reality Fashion Week happening in Prague and in Metaverse!

Somnium Space Fashion week will expand the way fashion is presented to the public allowing to connect people from all over the world simultaneously in physical and digital location.

Somnium Space as a virtual reality world on the blockchain active live since 2018 is pioneering the way disruptive technologies will shape the future of our immersive experiences and allowing anyone to benefit from an integrated metaverse creator economy where you can create, own and monetize your digital assets and experiences.

Somnium Space 2022 Fashion Show Partners

Bridging and interconnecting seamlessly different realitities VR and WEB-based, both onchain and offchain has always been our specialty.

We will showcase the most advanced state of XR technologies available in our ecosystem, during the phygital event models will wear VR, full-body tracking and TeslaSuit haptic suit while they will also appear in live and real time in Somnium.

VR Headsets, Full Body Tracking, TeslaSuits and more will be used for physical catwalk showcase

Fashion show kicking off on 7th September, 5pm CEST with the IRL show in Prague and in Somnium Space simultaneously.

The fashion week will continue until Sunday 11th September.

How to participate

Avatar Creators

Callout to our community and creators out there! This is your time to show your best NFT avatars, single piece or collections, or 3d models of wearables that will be worn during the fashion week.

Find below the tech details needed to submit the model optimized for Somnium Space.

Deadline is 25th August 12 am EST.

If you want to participate, send your best creations to and #somnium-photography Discord channel before August 25th, 2022, to get a chance to be featured and promoted during this inaugural event.

To have a chance to be selected, send a screenshot from inside Somnium Space of your avatar(s). If your avatar is selected we will ask for the 3D asset and it will be added into the “avatar gallery” by the Fashion World builders.

If your avatar is chosen for the mixed reality show on September 7th, you will be asked to act as a virtual model so you can show your avatar on the catwalk or alternatively real models will wear your Avatars while walking down a real physical catwalk in TeslaSuits and full body tracking gear.

Parcel and World Creators

Do you own a parcel or a world? Did you wonder what to build on that?
This is the best time to create your best building and use it as a showroom for your creations during the days between 8th and 11th September.

Are you looking for performers, musicians, artists or partners between the Somnium community to organize an event?
Reach out with your ideas to our team member Vins that will connect you to the right Somnium community member via discord : Vins#1305 or email

Brands and Partners

Become a partner in an historical moment for the future of fashion shows! This is your momento to activate your brand in the Metaverse push the boundaries of your already existing presence.

What you can do as a brand or partner

  • Create and show your piece of digital fashion (clothes, wearables) during the main event 7th September
  • Create your event during the fashion week (afterparty, shopping experience, brand presentation)
  • Create a design for the fashion show World
  • We’re excited to hear from your ideas!

We are looking forward to write the history of fashion together on the 7th of September 2022.

See you in Prague and in the Metaverse!

Somnium Space Team



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