Announcing Somnium WORLDS, Somnium WEB, Blockchain AVATARS + SLO details & prices.

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Since the very beginning of Somnium our vision was clear — to create a decentralized parallel Virtual Reality world for everyone to join and exist. Since 2018 and Somnium V1 we have done an amazing progress.

Timeline of major features for the next 5 months

Today we are making THE BIGGEST set of announcements we have ever done through the entire existence of our company. These technical advancements are going to be transformative for the future of Somnium and The Metaverse.

🌎 Somnium Space WORLDS

Somnium Space WORLDS — next step in The Metaverse creation process.

Somnium WORLDS are independent instances which will be created by utilizing Somnium UnitySDK. Our SDK will allow to fully utilize actions and triggers for creating various behaviors in worlds. Moreover users will be able to use Unity components including custom scripts, shaders and other Somnium advanced creative tools.

Effortlessly enter parallel virtual worlds, each offering unique, immersive experiences built entirely by players. Interact, socialize, play and do business. Seamlessly jump between worlds without ever leaving virtual space.

Depending on what parcel you own, you can link & deploy Small, Medium or Extra large worlds, the latter giving you 500 MB of storage for your instance.

Somnium WORLDS blockchain tokens

What is truly revolutionary is that each Somnium Space World is a blockchain token (NFT). Once purchased, you get an ability to upload certain amount of content to our servers depending on the size of the token you own:

  • Small (S) WORLD — 75 MB
  • Medium (M) WORLD — 200 MB
  • Extra Large (XL) WORLD — 500 MB

Placing a world on your parcel is as easy as placing any other object or NFT item. Users who will enter your parcel will automatically see a portal. They enter and voila! They’re in your world. Alternatively users can use Teleportation HUBs to directly teleport into your or any other Somnium World.

Limited Founders Edition Somnium WORLDS NFTs

Once you own a token, they become NFT assets like any other virtual blockchain asset inside Somnium and can be traded freely via OpenSea marketplace. That means that when you purchase an “empty” world, you get an ability to create one from scratch. Build anything you like such as interactive games, entire parallel worlds, experiences etc. When you upload your World via UnitySDK it is automatically linked to your World token. Image and Name of the world will automatically change on the token and OpenSea, based on your inputs. You can place your World for sale or transfer it to another player anytime you wish to do so. Create your own WORLD and make it a permanent part of The Metaverse!

Creation of Somnium WORLDS feature will be released in Q1 initially for those world owners who will purchase tokens during current SLO. A total amount of 70 tokens will be sold starting on November 1st — December 18th.

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🔗 Somnium Space WEB

Somnium Space WEB — access Somnium Universe anytime from ANY device

Somnium WEB is a truly revolutionary update which allows anyone to join any parcel LIVE from any device. Every PARCEL inside Somnium will have a permanent link and will be accessible from web. Click the link and join the action right away!

When you finish building your creation inside Somnium PC Builder you simply click Save & Upload as usual, but this time, all these data are also automatically transformed into Web compatible format. Once you hit upload button your creation will appear inside VR client and WEB experience within 5 minutes. It is that simple.

Moreover every WEB parcel will come with cross reality LIVE voice-enabled Multiplayer. Meaning that people from native Somnium VR client will see you and you will see them and will be able to have a full spatial voice conversations as if you were there! Join events, concerts, parties and much more directly from your browser! Instantly, without lags and long lasting loading times!

Comparison image of Somnium WEB and native PC VR client

Somnium WEB will allow full interactivity including video & audio live-streams, Web3 implementation for native interaction with blockchain tokens on the parcel and much more.

Mobile VR support? WebXR? Of course! We are taking Web experience to the next level. You will be able to visit your WEB PARCEL in Virtual Reality. Simply use VR compatible browser such as Mozilla or Oculus Browser and dive into your PARCEL right away. No installation nor waiting times! VR anywhere, anytime! Fire up your Oculus Quests!

Oh and one last thing — we are going to allow every PARCEL owner to instantly export a detailed FBX model of their PARCEL creation. 3D print your build? Why not! We are also building an API to allow everyone to source FBX data and build different web applications on top of Somnium PARCEL data.

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🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Blockchain AVATARs

Avatar tokenization screen inside Spmnium PC client

We are excited to introduce Somnium Blockchain AVATARs — an ability to tokenize your custom VR avatars directly from Somnium PC client.

Virtual goods are a huge market in billions of dollars, but most of this revenue goes to the creators of the platforms and not the creators of the goods themselves.There are non official secondary markets where creators can earn some money, but those markets are not transparent and secure. We are solving this with BLOCKCHAIN Avatars. Somnium Space will only thrive, if creators prosper and can securely monetize their creations. With Avatars on the blockchain we give ALL the control to the creator. The creator will upload his amazing creation and decide how many copies will be created. For example, if an Avatar is one of a kind in a limited edition, the creator can expect to sell it at a premium. All avatars source files are secured with double encryption which makes it virtually impossible to copy someone else's avatar even from run-time.

For a buyer of a full body tokenized AVATAR it is a very easy process. Simply purchase a token of avatar and from that moment on it will appear in your inventory and will be ready to use!

You do not need to be a hacker to place your own creations on a blockchain. Just press a button and your tokens appear in your wallet — it is THAT simple! The process is very simple:

  1. Upload your Custom Avatar via our UnitySDK
  2. Open Avatars Menu inside PC client
  3. Choose custom category and click on your uploaded Avatar
  4. Fill in Avatar description and press Pay & Mint Tokens. That’s it!
  5. Tokens will be automatically minted and sent to your blockchain Wallet!
  6. You can now sell them on OpenSea for a price and currency of your choice. (CUBEs, ETH, DAI etc.)

Placing your Avatar on the blockchain is the most important step as this will prevent counterfeiting because all the data is transparently and securely written on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since minting process costs gas fees, Somnium takes a fee for minting tokens. This fee will be payable in Somnium CUBEs — our in-world blockchain currency.

Do not forget to watch Avatars SDK Tutorial on YouTube

🗺️ Secondary Land Offering — Week 1

We are happy to unveil Week 1 of our SLO. Below you can find prices, dates, locations and POI. During this Secondary Land Offering we will be selling a total of 350 land PARCELs and 70 Somnium WORLDS tokens.

Buy PARCELs | Explore the MAP

SLO Week 1 — locations visualization
SLO Week 1 — starting prices of classical auctions
SLO Week 1 — Aerial in-world shot of some land PARCELs

We are absolutely EXCITED to announce that FEWOCiOUS will be an artist behind unique and amazing art pieces which will be granted as honorable prize to the most active Somnium supporters!

Prizes list for the most active buyers during Secondary Land Offering!

Have a question? Join our #land-market Discord channel.

🏛️ MakerDAO, OpenSea, Near Protocol, Game Credits, Admix will build presence in Somnium Space and join Secondary Land Offering!

We are extremely excited to announce that our partners, friends and simply great companies have decided to create a permanent VR presence inside Somnium Space. DAI house, OpenSea HQ, Game Credits center, Near Protocol lounge and ADMIX studio are all going to be built soon! Companies will be actively utilizing their presence inside Somnium world and will host special events which will be announced in the near future. Companies will also join our Secondary Land Offering auction to secure their PARCELs. Somnium Team welcomes all companies! 👋🎉

Maker is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing financial stability and transparency to the world economy. Maker enables the generation of Dai, the world’s first unbiased currency, and leading decentralized stablecoin.

NEAR is a decentralized application platform that is secure enough to manage high value assets like money or identity and performant enough to make them useful for everyday people. It is the first blockchain platform truly built for the real world and a builder’s fastest path to market to create blockchain applications that are as easy to use as they are to build.

OpenSea is the first (and largest) peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto goods (such as eBay for crypto goods), which includes collectibles, game items, and other virtual goods secured by a blockchain.

GAME Credits is a platform for game developers to deliver blockchain in-game items within their games, with only a simple API call. … GAME Credits is also a platform for game players to receive rewards from, and share in the success of, their favorite games.

Admix has developed in-play is a non-intrusive, no code game monetization solution that puts player experience first. That means higher revenue, higher retention, and happy users.

Welcome onboard everyone!

Today is a huge day for Somnium. This is the biggest set of announcements we have ever done in one day. Our team has worked and are working tirelessly to bring you those announced features in the near future. We are excited to finally be able to share with all of you the future of Somnium Universe and its role in forming an open METAVERSE.

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Your Somnium Space Team!

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P.S.: For those who read that far we have a bonus! New V2 UI of Teleportation HUBs!



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