📝February 2023 Monthly Recap

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3 min readMar 12, 2023


Another month of amazing events, development and more!

February 2023 monthly Recap

February was an exciting month for Somnium Space, as we participated in various events and collaborations around the globe that showcased the immersive and connecting power of our virtual platform.

One of the highlights was our attendance at the BoulevArt Digital Art Festival in Dubai, where we partnered with Nifty Orient, Teslasuit and community members Natural Warp and Oly to offer an immersive experience to visitors inside the Art in Space Gallery.

Photo recap of Somnium Space | BOULEVART | Art in Space in Dubai

Visionary crypto artist Natural Warp gave daily tours of his 360° art spheres inside a Somnium NFT World, and Oly conducted a cross-reality meditation session connecting participants from opposite sides of the world. It was fantastic to witness how Somnium Space can bring people together in such unique ways!

Video recap of Somnium Space | BOULEVART | Art in Space in Dubai

Next up, we had the pleasure of speaking about the future of immersive digital fashion at the highly anticipated NFT Paris conference. Our mixed-reality talk showcased our Fashion World and designer avatars, highlighting how high-quality luxury and fashion experiences can look like in the metaverse, where the only limit is the creator’s imagination. Our presence at the event was an excellent opportunity to engage with a diverse audience of fashion and web3 enthusiasts.

Nataliya Grimberg (Fanshion Ambassador at Somnium Space) on stage with Artur Sychov beaming live from VR

Speaking of fashion, we are very excited about the concept of a virtual boutique that our partners at ISG Metaverse have presented. We believe this could be the near future of e-commerce, as immersive shopping for wearables is not too far away with the upcoming Somnium Space 3.0 update. All on-chain, all wearable on avatars in VR — stay tuned for more updates on our tech developments in the upcoming months.

We were also featured in a Freethink documentary about AI clones. Our upcoming Live Forever Mode will debut this year and will allow users to store crucial data about themselves in a decentralized way.

Artur Sychov in a Freethink documentary about AI clones

Our founder Artur Sychov had a blast testing Freeaim’s VR Shoes, which let you walk naturally in VR across infinite distances and in any direction while staying safely within a small play area. With haptic feedback, kinetic feedback, and foot tracking, these shoes provide incredible immersion bringing realistic VR movement mainstream for gaming, fitness, training, and more. Artur even joked that he felt like Robocop while wearing them, and we couldn’t agree more!

Finally, we want to extend our gratitude to Mastercard for inviting us to give a keynote speech at the Mastercard Czech Innovation Awards. We had the opportunity to join a panel discussion with Komerční Banka, ČSOB, and others to talk about the future of banking and decentralized payments. It was an honor to share our insights and be part of such an important conversation.

As always, we are committed to creating the most immersive virtual reality Metaverse for our users and creators and look forward to sharing our progress with you in the months ahead!

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