🏢 Introducing Somnium Space WEB WORLDs — revolution in Metaverse accessibility!

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4 min readSep 18, 2022

Somnium WEB WORLDs allow you to enhance ANY Somnium Space Web parcel with boundless detail, scale, & interactivity for web guests by assigning a custom game engine scene to it. Every PARCEL owner automatically gets this ability out of the box!

Somnium Space WEB WORLDs is our one of many crucial steps towards more open, accessible but capable decentralized Metaverse. We believe that every person with any device (mobile, VR, AR) should have an ability to fully express themselves on our platform.

📱Try now these example WEB WORLDs from any device:

➡️Showroom World: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/3077

➡️Auditorium World: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/158

➡️Cityscape World: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/359

➡️Island World: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/361

➡️Photogrammetry World: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/43

Using Web Worlds

It’s easy to use Web Worlds. All you need is to own (or rent) a parcel to assign a web world to it. There is a sample Web Worlds provided by default to try.

Web Worlds are built by Web World Creators. Creators may give and/or trade access to their Web Worlds for parcel owners to use.

Some Web Worlds can be used only on parcels they explicitly designate. Other Web Worlds allow themselves to be used on any parcel.

Creating Web Worlds

A Web Worlds SDK is provided to creators. They use it to build completely custom Web Worlds. They then give or trade access to their Web Worlds with others — and/or use them on their own parcel(s).

Building a web world basis is the same as creating a regular PlayCanvas scene. (See Learning PlayCanvas section.) Just about anything is possible.


By default, Web Worlds are “art-only” & do not load or execute scripts or WASM modules.

However, we are currently testing interactivity. Whitelisted Web Worlds are allowed to load scripts & WASM modules — such as the RC Vehicles Web World. (To apply to get your custom Web World whitelisted, join the Web World creators community in the Discord.)

Types of Web Worlds

  • Augment Worlds

Append themselves to the normal parcel build.

Useful for adding extra buildings or event space around a parcel build.

  • Holistic Worlds

A full scene that visitors spawn into.

Useful for providing fully unique experiences to web visitors.

  • Hybrid Worlds (COMING SOON)

Adds a PORTAL to the world onto the normal parcel build.

Visitors can explore the normal build, but can also enter the portal to load into the standalone world as well.

For technical details and how to use WEB WORLDs please go to our GitLab page and follow tutorial -> https://gitlab.com/somnium-space-public/somnium-space-web-worlds-alpha

Augment Worlds

Some types of Web Worlds (Augment Worlds) get added to the normal parcel build to enhance it with interactivity and/or additional physical space. (An example would be a Web World that is an RC car that guests can drive around any parcel that the Web World is used on. Or a traveling museum that could attach itself along side any parcel.)

Augment Worlds are great for re-usability across many different parcels — as they can enhance any parcel with fun new ways to spend time on them.

Holistic Worlds

For larger more “standalone” experiences, Holistic Worlds spawn guests directly into the parcel’s custom Somnium Web Worlds PlayCanvas scene. In addition to completely unique custom worlds — re-usable worlds also make sense — such as concert venues or meeting halls that could be assigned to a parcel to host a special event.

For technical details and how to use WEB WORLDs please go to our GitLab page and follow tutorial -> https://gitlab.com/somnium-space-public/somnium-space-web-worlds-alpha

We can not wait to see your creations soon!

In meanwhile do not forget that we will have our Yearly Land Offering soon!

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