🏢 Introducing Somnium Space WEB WORLDs — revolution in Metaverse accessibility!

📱Try now these example WEB WORLDs from any device:

➡️Showroom World: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/3077

Using Web Worlds

It’s easy to use Web Worlds. All you need is to own (or rent) a parcel to assign a web world to it. There is a sample Web Worlds provided by default to try.

Creating Web Worlds

A Web Worlds SDK is provided to creators. They use it to build completely custom Web Worlds. They then give or trade access to their Web Worlds with others — and/or use them on their own parcel(s).


By default, Web Worlds are “art-only” & do not load or execute scripts or WASM modules.

Types of Web Worlds

  • Augment Worlds
  • Holistic Worlds
  • Hybrid Worlds (COMING SOON)

Augment Worlds

Holistic Worlds



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Somnium Space

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