Launching Somnium CUBEs VR cryptocurrency onto CoinPark exchange.

Creating a Foundation for the future of Somnium Space digital and decentralized Economy.

Sale of Somnium Cubes starts on the 20th of February via CoinPark exchange.

There is no doubt that more and more of human endeavors will move into digital environments and Somnium Space is and wants to be the most active Virtual Reality world in this space creating and driving trends. Our pioneering approach towards digital asset ownership in a virtual reality world and partnerships with other platforms creates the ultimate Metaverse. A life, economy and social system on the other side of the screens, or even better, inside your Virtual Reality headset. Last year we laid the technological ground stone for a persistent Virtual Reality world with our own server technology that allows hundreds and thousands of users to be in the same instance, something which no other VR world and platform offers. This year we are creating the foundation for a future where digital economies will prevail and this not only in real life, but inside virtual reality.

Digital Economy

The most known use case right now is probably art creation and display in virtual worlds. We at Somnium Space are taking it already a step further right now at this very moment. We had for example concerts in our virtual world where the artists are already earning money. For this year we are planning to decentralize this process even further and give more decision power to our community. We are building on last year’s successful introduction of our Ethereum tokens (ERC 721, ERC 20) and will this year allow our users to start earning on their digital goods, art and services. Imagine organizing a concert or your art exhibition in our Amphitheater or on your own parcel and selling the tickets on the blockchain. The tickets/tokens will guarantee ownership for the buyer and seller can control limited supply and a price. A buyer also has the freedom to sell his ticket on platforms like in case he can’t make the event… and everyone knows how hard it is to get rid of concert tickets IRL.

This is just one example, think of the obvious use cases like selling your unique VR ready Avatars, renting out your Kayak, set up your business in our mall, charging entry into your planetarium, your cinema, offer a language, singing course etc. We know in 5 years there will be services offered and goods transferred that we can’t even imagine today and we are looking very much forward to this! Let’s build the future together.

Introducing Somnium CUBES

Somnium Cubes is our in-world cryptocurrency token based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). The CUBEs make a valuable addition to our blockchain based economy as it closes a full circle of the ecosystem and makes transfers as easy as possible.

With the CUBEs you will be able to do in-world micro-transaction from paying for the teleportation to bring you on the other side of our map or even to other virtual worlds, to rent a tent for the night to watch our amazing sunrises and sunsets. If you are a happy land owner who purchased land on OpenSea you start building using our native easy to use Builder from our assets or use Somnium CUBEs for cool user generated assets. You will also receive CUBEs as a Karma reward when achieving certain status.

More use cases and players our VR world will have, higher demand there will be for Somnium CUBEs.


Official ticker: CUBE

Total Supply: 100.000.000

Starting price: 0.1$ / CUBE (0.00037 ETH / CUBE) *as per date of writing

Utility: all in-world transactions, land purchase / sale on, renting, e-commerce etc.


More token information:

CoinPark exchange

Somnium CUBEs will be listed and be traded via ETH/CUBE pair on the exchange. Every current and future Somnium citizen will be able to easily exchange our currency to ETH and back into CUBEs when needed to support their desired use-cases.

We listed our Somnium CUBEs on this modern, easy to use exchange with great management and we will provide liquidity for buyers on this exchange. CoinPark is a new generation of exchanges with it’s own unique sustainable ecosystem. With current centralized exchanges getting more and more doubt and questions, democratization and transparency rise to the most wanted features of an exchange. The revolution of CoinPark comes in right on time trying to meet these demands. Among CoinParks investors is the exchange BiBox, a top 25 crypto exchange by volume. Bibox exchange was founded by a top- tier team from Chinese blockchain giants including Jeffery Lei, the co- founder of OKCoin and Aries Wang, venture Capitalists , professional securities traders, AI experts and high tech angel investors of the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: BiBox users can also use their BiBox account credentials directly on CoinPark exchange to purchase Somnium CUBEs.

Future of humanity accelerates towards digitization of relationships, assets and experiences. Virtual Reality will play a key role in allowing humanity to fully immerse itself into open and persistent worlds such as Somnium Space. Our team is dedicated to create the best and ultimate destination for everyone and is pleased to welcome anyone who wants to feel and touch the future already today!

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We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!

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