MAXIMA partners with Somnium Space to offer premium Virtual Reality Estate services to the general public.

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2 min readApr 27, 2020
MAXIMA Reality will be offering premium Real Estates services inside Somnium Space VR world.

Prague (CZ) — 27th of April 2020

Today MAXIMA Reality — one of the biggest real estate agencies in Czech Republic and Somnium Space — leading Virtual Reality platform built on Ethereum blockchain are announcing an official partnership to bring the Virtual Reality real estate market to the general public.

“Maxima Reality Estate Agency is the leading player in the premium real estate market in Czech Republic with deep knowledge and experience” says Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO Somnium Space. “I am excited to partner with MAXIMA and allow real experts to work with Somnium Space citizens to bring our world’s market to the next level” he added.

“This is a big opportunity for us to provide our excellent services in VR. I’m really excited. It’s another important step in our development.” says Vladimír Zuzák, CEO MAXIMA Reality.

MAXIMA Reality will offer several official services such as:

  • Renting of Somnium Space VR parcels
  • On demand professional architectural services for VR land owners
  • Brokerage services connecting premium buyers and sellers inside Somnium metaverse

MAXIMA Reality is currently purchasing land parcels and will build its digital HQ with showcased villas on those parcels inside Somnium Space VR world.

Both companies believe in the future of Virtual Reality land ownership and are happy to further enhance user experience and bring real life expertise into new digital reality within the Somnium Space world.

Official Czech announcement:

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