Polygon, Winklevoss Capital & Vinny Lingham join Somnium Creators Fund as investors.

Applications for pitches are now open. Total available funding has surpassed 1,000,000$! First VR pitch round will take place in March. Precise dates will be announced soon!

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4 min readFeb 6, 2022
Somnium Creators Fund list of investors

After the first successful Season 2021 where we saw the best of Somnium Creators, Season 2022 of Creators Fund is here!

What is Creators Fund?

2022 SEASON | ➡️APPLY HERE️⬅️| 2022 SEASON

Somnium Space Creators Fund is the place where any creator or a Startup company can apply and win CUBEs (Somnium utility token) from investors to build their project inside the Metaverse or a startup. The atmosphere? Imagine that Shark Tank meets Late Night Show, in VR!

Video recording of Season 2021 first batch of creators presenting in VR.

Thousands of creative individuals from all over the world are creating amazing content and experiences inside Somnium on a daily basis. And we believe that Somnium as a platform should support their creations with a direct economic incentive! People unleashed true creativity in what were some of the most enriching nights for learners. That’s the place where you can find the smartest minds building the Open, Decentralized & Immersive Metaverse! But for 2022 we go much further!

2021 Somnium Creators Fund moments

The Creators Fund is a program where Creators & Startups will have opportunity to pitch their projects / companies LIVE in front of investors panel from Somnium and partner companies involved. Everything directly while being in Virtual Reality inside Somnium Space! Deals will be made right there! Imagine Shark Tank meets Late Night Show all in VR.

Are you a 3D creator, game developer, an artist, Web3 or DeFi startup, a musician, podcaster or you love to organize events? All those and many more use-cases can now apply for funding from Somnium Creators Fund. We can’t wait to hear from you about your innovative ideas and give you the funds and mentorship support to realize it!

2022 SEASON | ➡️APPLY HERE️⬅️| 2022 SEASON

Have you ever wondered about being a full time creator following your passion? Have you ever dreamed of dropping your job for a new job in the Metaverse? Are you a revolutionary startup looking for funding? Than Somnium Creators Fund is the place for you!

Here are amazing partners which have joined Season 2022 of Somnium Creators Fund:

  • Gemini Frontier Fund: is Gemini’s strategic venture arm focused on growing the crypto ecosystem through investment in early-stage crypto projects and startups.
  • Winklevoss Capital: The family office fund is coming to find Metaverse entrepreneurs who are risk-takers in their blood!
  • Polygon : The biggest L2 of Ethereum is a Somnium partner for his big plans of scaling interoperability. Now is the creators’ partner too!
  • GSR: One of the leading market makers and liquidity providers want to invest in the best crypto projects!
  • Admix : After creating the first billboards of the Metaverse, Admix is ready to take a new challenge in supporting the best creators!
  • MOCA: The Museum of Crypto Art is a true OG of NFT art and is here to support the best artists of the Metaverse!
  • Chris Bell: One of the first Somnium Space members from 2017, the landlord of Somnium owning more than 50+ parcels wants to invest in you!
  • Vinny Lingham: A real Shark from a Shark Tank and Dragon from Dragons’ Den! He’s ready for hard-testing creators and startups.

*Are you interested to join as an investor? Contact us at investors@somniumspace.com

So how does it exactly work? Here are some facts:

✅There is a total budget of 1M+ USD in Somnium CUBEs to be distributed as grants to Somnium Creators or direct investment for the winning Startups!

✅You will have the opportunity of speaking in VR with your favorite investors between the partners involved and build your relationship from there!

✅You will pitch live in VR in front of panel of judges from Creators Fund investors group.

✅You will work with best of the best investors, mentors and community to build your project or a startup.

2022 SEASON | ➡️APPLY HERE️⬅️| 2022 SEASON

Learn more about Somnium Creators Fund from our CEO Artur Sychov during his presentation at Somnium Connect conference (December 2021)

First VR pitch round will take place in March. Please follow us on our social channels and join our Discord to not miss precise dates and other important information!

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