Road to Secondary Land Offering (SLO)

10 weeks, 250 parcels! Get ready for a ride leading towards our SLO date announcement on May 29th 2020!

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10 weeks, 250 parcels! Get ready for a ride leading towards our SLO dates announcement on May 29th!

At Somnium Space users have an incredible ability to own their land on blockchain and have full control over it. Buying land parcel tokens and starting to build right away is something magical. In total, up to 5,000 people will have the chance to own virtual reality land on the blockchain in Somnium Space. Hundreds of people have already taken the opportunity to build artistic and architectural creations that can be sold separately from the land. Museums, Bars, Conference centers, Art galleries, Scary houses, Discos and much more have been already created.

In October 2019 we held our very successful Initial Land Offering which gave a unique first chance to everyone who wanted to own a piece of Virtual Land parcel on blockchain to buy them in an open and transparent auction. The 2019 ILO was furious with bidding wars. A fifth of the world’s parcels were sold for $200,000 USD and Somnium Space ranked Number 1 on OpenSea. There are only 3,500 parcels still left on the World Map which will be available during the Secondary Land Offering.

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Somnium Space ranked Number 1 during a week of Initial Land Offering

Our platform has improved dramatically since then. On Feb 20th 2020 we have officially launched Somnium 2.0 with full blockchain integration, Builder, Full body VR Avatars, Unity SDK support and much more. Thousands of new players have logged in since our launch a few weeks ago. Hundreds of parcels have been bought by newcomers from our existing community.

Somnium 2.0 launch Trailer

Due to the fact that many new use cases and functionalities have been added to our platform prices of land parcels have surged dramatically where average price for Small (S) parcel during ILO was around 0.4 ETH , average price for Medium (M) parcels were around 0.8 and for Big (XL) parcels it hovered at around 2 ETH with higher avera if we talk about Waterfront parcels. At the moment, cheapest Small (S) parcels are being sold at 1.75–2.3 ETH, Medium (M) parcels are being sold at 3–7 ETH depending on location and Large (XL) parcels are all well above 7 ETH.

Our SLO is planned for second half of 2020 which leaves many new artists and users without an option to own land because prices continue to dramatically increase and amount of parcels on sale is decreasing, since current owners do not want to sell.

This led us to this exciting announcement! A Road to Secondary Land Offering! Here is what will be happening between now and SLO:

*we reserve the right to make slight changes. In case changes are made, we will be informing everyone upfront.

First week of Road to SLO:

So here are details about our first out of ten total weeks:

Week 1 — Waterfront extravaganza!

19th of March — 21st of March.

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Waterfront extravaganza - First 25 parcels which will be auctioned in the first week of Road to SLO.
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Map with parcels locations of the first 25 parcels

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!

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