Road2SLO wrap-up, Secondary Land Offering & VR Treasure Hunt announcements!

A true native Virtual Reality Treasure hunt happening inside Somnium Space VR

Spoiler alert: Date of SLO and Treasure hunt details are at the bottom of this post!

A short look back

What an incredible and exciting ride it was starting through 2017 with the first MVP and 2018 with our first Somnium Space 1.0 on Steam. In 2019 we completed our vision of a working economy with the integration of blockchain into our platform allowing users to truly own their in-game assets and trade them directly between each other or through amazing marketplace such as our great partner OpenSea! The partnership started with our Initial Land Offering (ILO) in October 2019 that catapulted us to the pole position on the rankings chart with 1100 ETH or parcels and items sold. We have now beat this success in the past 10 weeks by a factor of 2 during our limited Road2SLO sale.

Treasure Hunt

As a THANK YOU to our community members, old and new, during the Road to SLO we partnered with some of our most trusted and amazing partners to bring you true and fantastic Virtual Reality Treasure Hunt. Mark your calendars and fire up your VR headsets because this unbelievable action starts on 06.06.2020 and will run until the last prize is claimed!

Easter eggs will be hidden inside the Somnium Space world. Some can be found only in VR mode, some from the non-VR 2D perspective. Bitcoin Cash QR codes of different values from 5$ to 50$ will be hidden as well and you can claim them directly with your wallet by scanning the code! We will send you other prizes after you tweet a picture of the treasure and tag @SomniumSpace with #SomniumTreasureVR hashtag and your ETH wallet address. First come first served so be fast and dedicated! Amazing prizes are coming from our great partners OpenSea, Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△), Matic , Bitcoin Jesus himself — Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and of course we are contributing Somnium CUBEs as well! Good luck hunters and gunters and see you on the other side of the monitor!

Road to Secondary Land Offering (SLO)

Since our ILO we have worked hard on the Somnium Space VR platform, backend and frontend. On 20th February 2020 we kicked off the long awaited Somnium 2.0, a huge update where all landowners could start building on their parcels. We saw rising demand in our parcels again that’s why we decided to offer some parcels before our SLO which turned out to be the Road2SLO — 10 week sale of some of the best parcels and estates on our map. We sold out every single week, and managed to reach over 2000 ETH ( 400.000$ ) in direct sales with much more in total turnover.

Since the start of our SLO we have been rolling out features as if we were a Henry Ford factory from 1896. Among some notable features are: NFT integration & Audio live-streaming zones , Visual Scripting, VR Camera app, Avatars UnitySDK, Rent Your Parcel and much more. VR Land parcels in Somnium have never had a better utility and possibilities before! Today it takes less than 10 minutes from the moment you buy a PARCEL to the moment you build and enjoy it in native VR with your friends inside the Somnium world!

So it is now time to officially announce that The Secondary Land Offering will take place in October 2020*.

We will be sharing more details during upcoming months on exactly how the Secondary Land Offering will be happening so stay tuned and join our Discord or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to not miss any important announcement.

Your Somnium Space Team!

*More precise dates will be announced later this summer. Please note that final dates are subject to change.

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!

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