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7 min readJun 16, 2024


Somnium Connect 2024 live event happening in Prague on the 12th of July, 2024

🔴ORDERS open starting from the 20th of June

We are thrilled to announce that orders (including all final prices) for the highly anticipated Somnium VR1 will be opening exclusively for reservation holders starting from June 20th.

Here are all 8 variants of VR1 which will be available for purchase:

Somnium VR1 — Classic Edition | 🥽 |
Somnium VR1 — Visionary Edition | 🥽 | 👁️
Somnium VR1 — Striker Edition | 🥽 | ☝️
Somnium VR1 — Titan Edition | 🥽 | 👁️ | ☝️
Somnium VR1 — Specter Edition | 🥽 | ☝️ | 🎥
Somnium VR1 — Ultimate Edition | 🥽 | 👁️ | 🎥 | ☝️
Somnium VR1 — Translucent Limited Edition | 🥽 | 👁️ | ☝️ | 🎥
Somnium VR1 — Military Edition | 🥽 | 👁️ | ☝️ | 🎥 | TAA Compliant

🥽- Virtual Reality |👁️- Eye Tracking | ☝️- Hand Tracking | 🎥- Mixed Reality Cameras

Here’s how the ordering process will work to ensure a smooth and fair experience

1. Email Notifications: Starting on Thursday, June 20th, we will begin sending out a limited number of emails each day to reservation holders, following the chronological order based on their reservation date. In the initial days, fewer emails will be sent, gradually increasing the daily volume as we have to process thousands of reservations we have received.

2. Unique Login Credentials: Inside each email, reservation holders will find a unique one-time login and password. This information is essential for proceeding through the checkout process and finalizing the purchase. Each reservation holder is eligible for one purchase, which can include multiple VR1 units. This system ensures that the unique code can only be used once, preventing sharing and guaranteeing that all reservation holders have a fair chance to make their purchase.

3. No Time Limitation on Purchase: While there is a meaningful time buffer between the emails being sent, there is no specific time limit on when you must make your purchase. This means that if you receive an email and do not order immediately, you will still have plenty of time to complete your purchase later. However, keep in mind that headsets will be shipped on a first-come, first-serve basis, so earlier completed ORDERS will be fulfilled sooner.

4. Order Confirmation and Shipping: After successfully completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email. Once your headset is shipped, you will receive tracking information along with a final invoice.

5. Reservation Cut-Off and Open Orders: New reservations will be accepted until July 10th. After this date, the ability to reserve a spot will close. On July 12th, during Somnium Connect, we will open orders to everyone, removing any reservation barriers.

Production line of Somnium VR1 headset in Czech Republic. Somnium VR1 is designed, developed and produced in EU (Czech Republic).

We are excited to bring the Somnium VR1 to our dedicated community and appreciate your patience and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for your email starting June 20th and be ready to experience the future of virtual reality!

Somnium Connect 2024

This year, Somnium Connect will be special & open to a limited number of general public visitors for the first time ever, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the future of virtual reality.

Tickets can be purchased at the Eventbrite link below ⬇️ This is a full-day event, with tickets covering food and drinks throughout the day, including access to all presentations and demos.

Get ready for a day packed with XR goodness, featuring not only Somnium Space but also incredible individuals and companies from across the XR industry. Special guests like Robert Scoble, Stan Larroque, Marek Polcak and many others will be presenting on stage. Additionally familiar YouTube faces will be present in the crowd such as SadlyItsBradley, Tyriel Wood, VoodooDE and others. Journalists from UploadVR (David Heaney) and other XR and non XR publications will also be in the audience.

World Premiere of Somnium VR1 Headset

The highlight of the event will be the world premiere of the Somnium VR1 headset, introduced in a keynote speech by Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO of Somnium Space. This groundbreaking device promises to revolutionize your VR experience with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled visuals.

Somnium VR1 PCVR Headset

Somnium 3.0 Platform Update

Following the VR1 premiere, Artur Sychov will present the Somnium 3.0 platform update. This major update marks a new era in VR World Creation, featuring C# scripting, visual scripting, a wearable system, a seamless marketplace, the fastest and most precise 11-point full-body tracking, the most advanced camera system, and much more.

These are NOT screenshots. These are through the VR1 lens shots of Somnium 3.0 Base Reality world 🔥Shot on iPhone 15 Pro.

Hands-On Demos and Immersive Experiences

After the keynotes, attendees will have the chance to try out the VR1 headset at various demo stations. Experience the full Mixed Reality Flight cockpit with VR1, or dive into a racing cockpit simulator. Additionally, the TeslaSuit station will showcase the VR1 with a special Half-Life Alyx Mod made for TeslaSuit, offering the most immersive Alyx experience ever.

Guest & Partner Presentations

The afternoon will continue with a 1.5-hour lunch & demos break, followed by keynote presentations from our esteemed guests and partners. Companies such as Vrgineers, Lynx, TG0, TeslaSuit, Polygon, UltraLeap and many more will share their latest innovations and insights, making this a must-attend event for anyone passionate about XR technology.

Evening Mixed Reality After-party

The day will culminate in a spectacular live Mixed Reality afterparty. Enjoy live DJs on stage combined with Somnium Space and full-body tracking, creating a one-of-a-kind metaphysical experience. As always, Somnium is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering everything live and ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary event. Join us at Somnium Connect 2024 for a day of innovation, inspiration, and immersive XR experiences!

If you are a member of press and did not yet receive an official invitation from us, please contact us at -> vr1@somniumspace.com

Watch a recording of Somnium Connect 2021/2022 ⬇️

About Somnium Space:

Somnium Space is a pioneering company in the virtual reality industry. It is the creator of a unique decentralized social VR platform that offers users an immersive and interactive virtual worlds. Somnium Space is also the developer of one of the most anticipated PCVR headsets on the market, the Somnium VR1, known for its cutting-edge technology, unparalleled image clarity and field of view.

Somnium VR1 official packaging. Extremely durable, travel ready & made from high quality materials.



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