Somnium ILO Auction Ending — Cascading Expirations

Initial Land Offering expiration times will be cascaded starting on Oct 13th 18:00 CEST

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Visualization of ILO cascading expiration times

Based on the feedback from our community and constant effort to improve transparency and democratization of bids we made a small change to the Initial Land Offering auctions: we’ve introduced a cascading expiration time for all our parcels. After talking to our users and the OpenSea Team, we realized that we need to give more time for bidding to people who are bidding for multiple parcels (which is a majority at this moment), especially in those cases where your favorite parcels are overbid and you need some more time to look for a replacement parcel.. Here are the details:

  • Parcels will expire in 100 batches every 60 minutes starting on Sunday 13th, 6PM CEST
  • This will add 50 hours too the auction until the last batch of 100 parcels will be auctioned off
  • We will start at number 1 and go up from there, so plan accordingly
  • Last parcels to be auctioned off on Tuesday 15th of October will be 4900–5000
  • Yes, you will have the last chance on Tuesday 15th to grab a Parcel!
  • Items (Tents, Kayaks, Teleports) will be auctioned off as is, with deadline Sunday 13th, 6PM CEST

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that due to internal scripting structure times for some batches might differ and be slightly shifted. Please check your bids and Parcel numbers on OpenSea directly to have an exact ending time for parcels you are interested in!

If you have any questions join our Discord. Our team is ready to answer all of your questions 24/7

The Somnium Space and OpenSea Teams

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