Somnium Space acquires Community Garden social VR app and announces refund program for MetaWorld

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4 min readOct 29, 2018


Carleton DiLeo (co-founder of MetaWorld and creator of CG ) joins Somnium Space team as a Principal Developer.

16th of July UPDATE: Since our first announcement of Metaworld refunds back in October 2018 we have received and fulfilled many requests from unsatisfied users who were not able to get their money back from Metaworld founders. Those founders were not even properly communicating to their community members, nor they were delivering on the promises they gave to their community. We have launched refund program with one reason in mind — to prove to VR community, that there are serious and honest companies who want to build long lasting VR metaverse. At Somnium Space we are dedicated to make that happen. (e.g. read our latest update). Since the start of refund program we have refunded thousands of dollars to damaged users. As of July 2019 we decided to stop our refund program because it is already clear to everyone, what the true nature of Metaworld is, their website is already down for many weeks and they have been banned from Steam. And just for a clarification: Somnium Space has nothing to do with Metaword. We thank you for your kind words and we are looking forward to see you in the metaverse!

London (UK) / Denver (US) — October 30th, 2018. Somnium Space acquires 100% of Community Garden IP and welcomes Carleton to its team.

After the recent successful crowd-invest campaign Somnium Space has been continuing to rapidly add features and grows its VR metaverse. With a successful launch on Steam, more than 3500 new members have joined Somnium community in the past 3 weeks. With Carleton on board, Somnium Space will be able to realize its potential much quicker by further strengthening its development team with highly skilled professionals such as Carleton.

Both companies believe in an imminent future of social interactions happening inside Virtual Reality. Combining creative minds from both companies Somnium Space will be bringing even more innovative features to it’s online persistent VR universe soon.

“Today, we are shaping landscape of Virtual Reality for many decades ahead. Every decision we do about types of social interactions or certain technical aspects of VR world will impact future generations of players and virtual citizens.” said Artur Sychov, Founder of Somnium Space. “We want to make decisions which will create an unbelievable environment for people to foster their creativity, therefore we are quickly building the best possible team to realize that vision”

“I am thrilled to become part of Somnium Space team and bring to life the ideas I had with Community Garden on a much larger scale.” said Carleton DiLeo. “I strongly believe the future of VR is in shared worlds that players feel connected to. Community Garden’s vision and Somnium Space’s approach are the perfect match, and just what the VR community needs.”


Somnium Space has been approached by a number of players who have bought various game packages in non-released MetaWorld VR app. Numerous delays, missed deadlines and the recent removal of MetaWorld page from Steam have left users unhappy and question the future of the project. Many MetaWorld users have reported difficulty getting refunds on Reddit. At Somnium Space, we are committed to keeping the VR community a healthy and trusted place for people and we have 0 tolerance for questionable practices. Therefore, Somnium Space is announcing a refund & exchange program for MetaWorld users. If you have purchase early access or land from MetaWorld, you can exchange that land for a small land parcel in Somnium Space or get a full refund for your purchase. Users who have purchased game package from Meta World before 31.10.2018 are eligible for a refund or exchange. If you want a refund, please email with a subject line “Refund”. Please attach your deed and proof of financial transaction. In case you would like to exchange your deed to a land in Somnium, please use subject line “Exchange” and attach your deed and proof of financial transaction. PLEASE NOTE: even after receiving a refund from Somnium Space, your deed is still valid in case MetaWorld will be released. For more information and questions, please join Somnium Space official Discord channel. Disclaimer: Since it is unknown exactly how many users have purchased game packages from MetaWorld, Somnium Space leaves a right to stop refund process at any time. Nevertheless we are prepared to refund as many hundreds of players as we possibly can.

About Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an open, social and persistent VR world where everyone can buy land, build or import objects and easily monetize their experiences. Our ultimate long-term vision is to create a virtual environment which offers a rich addition to reality, packed with new and exciting possibilities. Built as a cross-platform world, Somnium Space allows people to experience one constantly expanding, seamless instance shaped by players. Combined with an in-world economy, it provides a next step towards a true metaverse experience.

About Community Garden

Community Garden is a massive multiplayer online VR world based on SpatialOS technology. It exists as a place for the VR community to escape from reality. Explore the city, plant a garden or throw some rocks in a pond or shoot some hoops. Do all this with other VR players from around the world. Get lost in a VR city that focuses on realism and immersion.


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