Somnium Space Announces Strategic Investment in Sansar to Achieve Full Cross-Platform Interoperability.

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6 min readJul 31, 2023

Somnium Space, a leading virtual reality (VR) and blockchain platform, is excited to announce a strategic investment in Sansar, a premier destination for social VR. This partnership marks a significant step towards achieving full cross-platform interoperability, a pioneering move in the metaverse industry.

Artur Sychov, CEO of Somnium Space, joined the Board of Sansar, further solidifying the alliance between the two VR platforms.

“I am thrilled to support Sansar in this exciting venture. We firmly believe in a future of Social VR that is truly open and interoperable. This partnership is a significant step towards that future. It will empower users to unlock their full creative potential and monetize their talents, all while maintaining ownership of their identity and economic activity. Our shared vision is to create a Metaverse where users are at the center, and this investment is a testament to our commitment to making that vision a reality.” says Artur Sychov, CEO of Somnium Space.

“This investment by Somnium Space into Sansar is set to significantly boost the development of the Sansar platform. With additional resources, Sansar will be able to accelerate its development timeline, enhance its features, and improve its user experience allowing us to develop full interoperability.” says Chance Richie — CEO of Sansar.

Interconnected economies

The collaboration will see Somnium Space integrate its groundbreaking and soon to be released “VR Transaction Pipeline” into Sansar’s platform. This integration will enable a cross-platform blockchain marketplace powered by its utility token CUBE, to be also used inside Sansar, allowing users to transact seamlessly in VR across various applications or metaverses. The blockchain pipeline is a revolutionary development in the VR space, offering users an unprecedented level of convenience, security and anonymity in their transactions across VR applications. Sansar users will have the flexibility to choose between non-blockchain options, paying for services and experiences with fiat based payment methods, or utilizing the cross-platform blockchain alternative. This will enable them to fully leverage the interoperability of Somnium and Sansar, reaching larger audiences across both worlds.

Avatars interoperability

First tests of the same Avatar uploaded in Somnium Space and Sansar.

A key focus of this partnership is an avatar interoperability. This will empower creators to cross-sell their avatars for both worlds, opening up new avenues for creativity and commerce. Creators will have the opportunity to reach a broader audience, while users will enjoy a wider range of avatar options, enhancing their VR experience. Additionally, both platforms currently explore a possibility to have avatar wearables be cross-compatible as well.

Cross-world teleportation

Another exciting feature to look forward to is cross-world seamless teleportation. Users will be able to jump from one app to another by simply going through special portals placed in respective worlds. The transition process is designed to be swift and seamless, taking less than 10 seconds. This feature will revolutionize the way users navigate the metaverse, offering a truly immersive and interconnected VR experience.

This concept has been successfully implemented and demonstrated by Somnium Space in 2018, providing seamless teleportation from Somnium Space to High Fidelity VR world.

Cross-world events

In addition to the aforementioned advancements, this partnership will also revolutionize the way users participate in events across both platforms. Users will be able to seamlessly teleport from one event to another, regardless of the platform, creating a truly interconnected social experience. This seamless transition will extend to events being simultaneously displayed on both platforms. This means that an event taking place in Somnium Space can be experienced by users in Sansar, and vice versa. This innovative approach will bring users of both platforms closer together, fostering a sense of community and shared experience that transcends the boundaries of individual Metaverses. This is another step towards creating a truly unified and immersive Metaverse where distance and platform are no longer barriers to social interaction and shared experiences.

The teams at Somnium Space and Sansar are already diligently working step by step to achieve these ambitious interoperability goals. It’s important to note that both platforms are built on different engines. Somnium Space is based on Unity, while Sansar uses its own proprietary engine. Despite these differences, the engines will remain as they are, without any changes. This decision is strategic, as it allows the partnership to utilize the strengths of both engines, bringing users the best of both worlds.

User privacy and decentralization

A cornerstone of this partnership is the commitment to empower users with a fully decentralized identity system across both platforms. This system will allow users to have complete control over their identity and economic activity within the Metaverse. Users will be able to manage their virtual identities independently, ensuring privacy and security while also enabling them to engage in economic activities across different platforms seamlessly.

This decentralized approach respects the autonomy of users, giving them the freedom to manage their virtual presence and transactions without the need for intermediaries. Whether it’s buying, selling, or trading virtual goods, or simply interacting with other users, the decentralized identity system will provide a secure and efficient framework for these activities.

Looking ahead, Sansar and Somnium Space are aiming to achieve main features parity by 2024. This means that users of both platforms will be able to enjoy a truly seamless experience, with equivalent VR features and capabilities on both platforms. This is a significant step towards the vision of a unified Metaverse, where users can move freely between different platforms without any loss of functionality or experience.

Both companies are planning to implement upcoming Somnium Spaces AI R&D technologies into Sansar offerings, including Somniums AI NPCs, persistent “Live Forever Mode”, and much more.

This partnership is not just about technology integration, but also about creating a shared vision for the future of the Metaverse. Both teams are committed to this vision and are working tirelessly to make it a reality. The future of the Metaverse is bright, and Somnium Space and Sansar are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Cross-platform-engine Blueprint

The goal is to create the world’s first truly interoperable cross-engine system. This will be a game-changer in the Metaverse, breaking down barriers between different platforms and creating a more unified and immersive user experience blueprint.

This interoperability blueprint is not only a significant achievement for Somnium Space and Sansar, but it also paves the way for other Social VR platforms to join this effort. The ultimate goal is to foster an open and decentralized Metaverse initiative, where multiple platforms can interconnect and interact seamlessly. This vision extends beyond the boundaries of individual platforms, promoting a more inclusive and diverse Metaverse.

To facilitate this, both Somnium Space and Sansar will be creating extensive open documentation to ease the on-boarding process for other platforms. This will provide a clear and comprehensive guide for other Social VR platforms to integrate with this interoperability system. The documentation will cover all aspects of the integration process, from technical requirements to best practices, ensuring a smooth and efficient on-boarding process.

This initiative represents a significant step towards a truly open and decentralized Metaverse. By opening up their platforms and sharing their knowledge, Somnium Space and Sansar are leading the way towards a more interconnected and inclusive virtual world. The future of the Metaverse is open, and all are invited to join in this exciting journey.

About Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform that allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications. The platform is committed to building a decentralized and immersive VR world that offers users a unique and engaging experience.

About Sansar

Sansar is a social VR platform that allows users to create, share, and monetize their own social VR experiences. Sansar’s mission is to empower individuals, communities, and brands to create and share interactive social experiences in VR.

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