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3 min readNov 6, 2020
A first ever tokenized Somnium Space Genesis AVATAR.

We are excited to introduce Somnium Blockchain AVATARs — an ability to tokenize your custom VR avatars directly from Somnium PC client.

The history was made — first ever Somnium VR AVATAR has been tokenized on Ethereum blockchain and became an NFT token.

Virtual goods are a huge market in billions of dollars, but most of this revenue goes to the creators of the platforms and not the creators of the goods themselves.There are non official secondary markets where creators can earn some money, but those markets are not transparent and secure. We are solving this with BLOCKCHAIN Avatars. Somnium Space will only thrive, if creators prosper and can securely monetize their creations. With Avatars on the blockchain we give ALL the control to the creator. The creator will upload his amazing creation and decide how many copies will be created. For example, if an Avatar is one of a kind in a limited edition, the creator can expect to sell it at a premium. All avatars source files are secured with double encryption which makes it virtually impossible to copy someone else’s avatar even from run-time.

For a buyer of a full body tokenized AVATAR it is a very easy process. Simply purchase a token of an avatar and from that moment on it will appear in your inventory in Somnium PC client and will be ready to use! As a buyer you will never have to touch UnitySDK or any other additional software.

Token of GENESIS AVATAR on OpenSea

Even if you are not planning to sell your AVATAR we do still recommend to place in on a blockchain because it will allow you to have a proof of origin, creation and secure your ownership. Moreover it allows easy transfer from account to account without a need to go through UnitySDK process again!

You do not need to be a hacker to place your own creations on a blockchain. Just press a button and your tokens appear in your wallet — it is THAT simple! The process is very simple:

  1. Upload your Custom Avatar via our UnitySDK
  2. Open Avatars Menu inside PC client
  3. Choose custom category and click on your uploaded Avatar
  4. Fill in Avatar description and press Pay & Mint Tokens. That’s it!
  5. Tokens will be automatically minted and sent to your blockchain Wallet!
  6. You can now sell them on OpenSea for a price and currency of your choice. (CUBEs, ETH, DAI etc.)
Avatars section of Somnium Space PC client

Placing your Avatar on the blockchain is the most important step as this will prevent counterfeiting because all the data is transparently and securely written on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since minting process costs gas fees, Somnium takes a fee for minting tokens. This fee will be payable in Somnium CUBEs — our in-world blockchain currency.

Stream Series — a blockchain AVATAR creation process from A to Z!

Mickyellow will guide you through all needed steps to create a Tokenized blockchain AVATAR.

We know that sometimes creating a completely new Avatar from scratch could be a bit overwhelming! Worry no more! Together with our team member Mickyellow we have prepared a series of weekly streams which will help you to go through all needed steps to create your very first full body VR AVATAR on blockchain.

Want to learn how to model, texture and rig an avatar? Want to also learn about bone physics, custom animations and custom shaders? Need tips on things like optimization, weight painting tricks, clothing or anything else? Well this stream is for you!

You will be able to watch live-streams on Somnium YouTube, Tiwitch and Twitter channels!

Your Somnium Space Team!

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