Somnium Space Connect 2021, Creators FUND in 2022, Investments, $CUBE tokenomics and more!

Watch full recording of Somnium Connect 2021 Conference.

Standalone, Modular and Open Source VR Headset

Somnium Space is an open, persistent VR world and we strongly believe that users should have the right of choice and fully own their creations, the assets they purchase and their data. This implies that being dependent on closed, third party ecosystems when it comes to VR headsets, is in direct contradiction with our vision. We cannot allow hardware gatekeepers to create silos and be in full control over user experience and user data.

Somnium Space VR Headset
  • CPU — Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
  • 512 GB UFS 3.1
  • Wifi 6e
  • Display 2x 3.2inch 2880RGB*2880 Fast LCD
  • (1283 PPI), Refresh rate 90 Hz, possibly 120 Hz
  • *Researching Micro OLED displays in parallel
  • Horizontal FOV > 115 ° or more
  • Custom made, clear view XTAL like lenses
  • MicroSD card extension UHS-I
  • Wireless PC VR Streaming
  • Native wired PC Mode (lossless)
  • HMD Native SteamVR support (working on native Lighthouse tracking and controllers)
  • Integrated high quality stereo microphones
  • Headphone jack
  • Inside-Out 6DoF tracking
  • Support for inside-out 6DoF & Lighthouse controllers
  • External battery pack support using USB-C
  • 2x USB-C 10 Gbps for external accessories (USB 3.2 Gen2) + 1 charging UBS-C (USB 2.0)
  • OS Android 11 AOSP, open for user customizations
  • Direct open access to sensors and cameras
  • optional *AR cameras version 2x UHD sensors

Somnium Space Creators Fund 2022

One of the many highlights of 2021 has been the Somnium Creators Fund, which has been running for 6 months and nothing short of a huge success. It is ‘Shark Tank’ meets ‘Late Night Show’ and the reception has been amazing. We had more than 40 applicants and alumni and distributed more than $60,000 in Somnium CUBEs. People pitched amazing ideas right in VR and unleashed true creativity. With Creators Fund money they were able to spend more time in VR and work on their ideas.

Open Avatars API

Another huge success in 2021 has been the Avatars SDK, allowing our community to create and tokenize Avatars. Avatar creators have generated revenue in excess of $500,000, which is a huge milestone. Key pillars behind this success are the easy and affordable process, the security and of course the amazing and helpful community that has taken avatar creation inside Somnium to amazing new levels.

$CUBE Ecosystem

Already today Somnium Space’s utility token CUBE is an integral part of Somnium and it has done very well this year. You can buy Somnium WORLDs, cars, avatars, items, land parcels and more for CUBEs. You can freely trade and exchange them on the centralized, highly secure Gemini exchange as well as on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap for example.

Somnium Space Investments

We at Somnium are in the great position to support and invest in companies that we believe in. We are very proud and honored to work with VRGineers,, Lynx, Admix and Teslasuit. Together with these companies we are pushing the limits and executing on our common goals and visions to create open, accessible platforms and eco-system.

Our current investment portfolio.



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