Somnium Space CUBEs are available on Uniswap!

Creating a Foundation for the future of Somnium Space digital and decentralized Virtual Reality Economy.

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4 min readSep 20, 2020

From now on you can trade Somnium CUBEs on Uniswap. This step completes our list of platforms where we offer our utility VR currency, after starting at Coinpark, a traditional and reliable (partner of BiBox) crypto exchange, we soon followed on OpenSea, the biggest NFT platform, where we completed our offering to PARCELs and ITEMs. With Uniswap the circle is complete as this decentralized platform will give everyone the possibility to swap into CUBEs. This holistic approach makes CUBEs accessible for everyone.

CoinPark exchange screen with CUBE/ETH pair

Uniswap brings us another step closer to more decentralization for our users by utilizing the rapidly growing web3 ecosystem. Uniswap empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all with hundreds of applications and for thousands of users.

Somnium CUBEs

As you already know Somnium Cubes is our in-world cryptocurrency token based on the Ethereum blockchain. At this moment you can use CUBEs among other to buy our land parcels on OpenSea, or to rent them bilaterally from other users on our Discord. The ultimate use of CUBEs will be for in-world transactions, like for example the teleportation system and other micro payments in our store and especially user to user transactions.

Screenshot of CUBEs transaction history

CUBEs were always meant to be a real use case cryptocurrency. A true utility token which allows you to exist inside our Virtual Reality Metaverse. If you are a creator who builds structures or avatar models you will need CUBEs. If you are an artist who wants to sell tickets to his performance — you will need CUBEs. If you want to utilize Somnium Transportation System and travel inside our VR world by Teleportation Hubs or other means of transport — you will need CUBEs. But there is much more.

During the next 2 weeks, we will be launching the first major CUBEs utility use-case which is minting your own full body virtual reality avatars onto blockchain. This is a real revolution in a way how creators can protect and monetize their creations. Because having a VR avatar is one of the most important part of self representation inside Metaverse (yes, our blockchain avatars will be usable in all major virtual worlds across digital spaces), we believe this will spark an amazing marketplace of truly beautiful and functional avatars. This can be regarded as the beginning of the CUBE ecosystem and a true start of our in world economy.

4 different people represented by 4 unique VR avatars inside Somnium Space world taking a selfie

As outlined in our Economy Paper we have several pillars of in-game economy:

  1. Ability to buy / sell Virtual Land PARCELs and ITEMs ✔️ (hundreds of thousands dollars worth of Somnium CUBEs have been exchanged and traded for PARCELs and ITEMs within the past year)
  2. Buy / sell virtual goods such as Art, Tickets and more. ✔️(our users are actively trading goods and services inside Somnium world)
  3. Ability to mint, buy / sell VR avatars 🕒(Coming September 2020)
  4. Ability to use CUBEs for Teleportation Hubs transportation purposes 🕒(Coming 2020)
  5. Earning CUBEs for being active in-world community member and increasing your Karma level inside Somnium Space ecosystem. 🕒(Coming 2021). Get monthly CUBE drops based on your activity and earned respect by other community members.
  6. DAO concept and ability for community to shape the future of Somnium 🕒(Coming 2021 — truly meaningful and REAL use of community voice. No gimmicks, no empty promises and useless decisions). President of Somnium community voted by people and represented at a Somnium board meeting? Autonomous zones inside Somnium VR world? These and many more concepts are currently being worked on and will be presented towards the end of this year.

Early users and liquidity providers of CUBEs will be rewarded for active participation in our in-game economy. More information will be released towards the end of 2020.

Somnium CUBEs Stats:

Official ticker: CUBE

Total Supply: 100.000.000

Current price: 0.27$ / CUBE

Our token information:

CUBEs Uniswap information:

Utility: all in-world transactions, land purchase / sale on, renting, Avatars, e-commerce etc.

Extract from our Economy Paper showing price formation and offers strategy

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