Somnium Space leads an Investment Round into Israeli VR Optics Development House - Hypervision Ltd. in collaboration with Lynx Mixed Reality and Vrgineers

Artur Sychov joins Hypervision’s Board of Directors

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4 min readMay 23, 2023
State of the art VR240 GEN2 (240°) seamless optics prototype developed by Hypervision Ltd.

Prague, Yokneam, Paris, May 23, 2023 Somnium Space, the leading open and decentralized Social VR platform proudly announces its leadership in an investment round into Hypervision Ltd. This strategic investment round also involves prominent European VR companies Lynx Mixed Reality and Vrgineers. Together, these four companies aim to advance the development of cutting-edge optical technology and accelerate the growth of the XR market. As part of this collaboration, Artur Sychov, CEO of Somnium Space, joins Hypervision’s Board of Directors.

With 2.56" LCD field of view will be 140x120 (not 140 digonal); To avoid triangular corners on transition between central to peripheral display — not just rectangular displays but also bigger displays, like 2.56" would help. Arthur Rabner — CEO Hypervision

Hypervison’s VR140 Gen 2 pancake lenses capabilities.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Artur Sychov said, “I am honored to join Hypervision’s Board of Directors and support the development of new optics that will propel the VR and XR industry forward including our future Somnium VR headsets. This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity to drive innovation and provide users with immersive experiences that will vastly surpass their expectations.”

Stan Larroque, CEO of Lynx Mixed Reality, shared his excitement about working with Hypervision, stating, “Part of our job is to try everything that’s out there, and Hypervision’s solution really stood out for us. The optical block is the most critical piece of a headset, and we’re excited to collaborate with Hypervision’s talents to try new things for future generations of Lynx MR headsets.”

Marek Polčák, CEO of Vrgineers, emphasized the significance of this investment and cooperation, stating, “This partnership and investment will contribute to the development of the future state-of-the-art XTAL 4 headset, aiming to provide over 7k resolution per eye (14k horizontal) with over 200 degrees field of view. We believe that this novel design will be much more advanced than anything currently available as well as in development. Our solution will redefine the possibilities of VR/XR and empower professionals to use VR/XR in a way never possible before.”

“We are thrilled to work alongside leading European VR hardware and software companies in our mission to advance the development and implementation of our state-of-the-art optics technology,” said Arthur Rabner, founder and CEO of Hypervision. “The collaboration with Somnium Space, Lynx Mixed Reality, and Vrgineers brings together a wealth of expertise and resources, enabling us to drive innovation, expand the boundaries of immersive experiences, and accelerate the growth of the VR and XR market. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the industry and provide users with unparalleled visual quality and immersion.”

Hypervision’s Cutting-Edge VR140.GEN2 (140°) Pancake Lens Technology, Redefining VR Optics with Unmatched Thinness and Exceptional Clarity

Hypervision has been at the forefront of optical technology development for VR/XR headsets, focusing on enhancing form factors and expanding achievable field of view. Their recent unveiling of the second-generation thinnest HO140 pancake lens at the SPIE conference in early 2023 demonstrated their commitment to pushing boundaries. This lens design delivers an impressive 140-degree horizontal field of view while maintaining a compact form factor. Additionally, Hypervision’s portfolio includes the patented VR240 technology, which achieves an unprecedented 240-degree horizontal field of view, delivering an immersive VR/XR experience.

About Hypervision Ltd: Hypervision is a pioneering optical technology company specializing in VR/XR optics. Their dedication to tackling the challenges of bulky form factors and limited field of view has positioned them as leaders in the industry. Hypervision continues to develop innovative optical solutions to drive the growth and adoption of VR/XR technology.

About Somnium Space: Somnium Space is the leading open, decentralized, and immersive Social VR platform. Users can purchase digital land, build homes and buildings, play hyper-realistic video games, start businesses, and host concerts and live events. Founded by Artur Sychov, Somnium Space opened to the public in September 2018, and its approach has been transforming the VR landscape ever since. Expanding its innovative offerings, Somnium Space has developed a new PC VR headset known as Somnium VR1 scheduled for release in 2023.

About Lynx Mixed Reality: Lynx Mixed Reality is a prominent European company that creates high-performance Virtual and Augmented Reality devices. With a focus on openness and privacy, Lynx competes with leading offerings in the AR and VR market. Their collaboration with Hypervision underscores their commitment to delivering cutting-edge experiences to users worldwide.

About Vrgineers: Vrgineers is a leader in developing immersive technologies focused on training professional fighter jets and helicopter pilots. The company develops and manufactures its XTAL headset for virtual and mixed reality and is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of VR innovation.

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