Somnium VR1 Headset October Update — 🟢OPEN🟢 Reservations, Somnium Connect 2023, Production Status & more!

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8 min readOct 5, 2023


As we are getting closer to official release date of VR1, this update aims to provide more detailed info on our current status, allow fans to reserve their spot and much more!

Reserve Your FREE spot now!

Yes, a possibility to reserve your SPOT to be first in line to order VR1 is now 🟢LIVE🟢 Hurry up, as our first production batch will be limited and only by reserving your spot today you will make sure to be first in line before anyone else. So how does it work?

  1. Go to ➡️ website and click Reserve Your Spot button.

2. It should take you automatically to a reservation part of the website. Fill in all the details, make sure to Confirm your email, select the variant of VR1 you most likely will want to order and leave us a note if you have anything more to say!

Reservation process tutorial

3. After you reserve your spot you should receive an email confirmation of your reservation with an exact timestamp of your reservation and additional details. To help spread the word about VR1 reservation please help share the news on social media.

A message from our CEO for this October Somnium VR1 update.

Thank you!

Somnium Connect 2023

Somnium Connect 2023 is scheduled to happen in December 2023 in Prague

Somnium Connect 2023 conference is set to take place in the beautiful city of Prague this coming December. While the exact dates are yet to be announced, they are expected to be revealed within the next few weeks. This year’s conference promises to be an exciting showcase of the latest advancements in virtual reality, with the final unveiling of the Somnium VR1 — pricing, ordering etc. Attendees will have the opportunity to test various units and variants of the VR1, offering a firsthand experience of its capabilities.

We are currently discussing the possibility of making initial deliveries of a limited number of hand-made units at Somnium Connect for those who have reserved their spots and will pre-order. These units would be personally delivered on stage by our CEO Artur Sychov. While we cannot yet guarantee this option or specify how many units will be available for this purpose, we are seriously considering it, knowing that many of you are eager to be the first owners of VR1.

In a bid to amplify the event’s reach and engagement, we are starting to reach out to YouTube personalities, inviting them to attend the event in person. A significant highlight of Somnium Connect 2023 will be the full unveiling and launch of the Somnium 3.0 platform update. But that’s not all; the event will also feature presentations from Somnium’s partners, including Lynx, Teslasuit, VRgineers, and many others, who will be showcasing their latest hardware and software innovations. Additionally, in a celebration of creativity and innovation, the most active and talented Somnium Creators will be invited to display their unique creations and WORLDs within Somnium Space. This year’s conference is shaping up to be a landmark event in the realm of virtual reality, and it’s one that enthusiasts won’t want to miss. There will be limited amount of space for audience, therefore those, who will reserve their spot for VR1 will also get a priority access to Somnium Connect tickets claim.

Pure BASE VR1 Variant without a strap

Following our recent update, we’ve received a lot of valuable feedback from our dedicated community. A standout suggestion was the desire for a basic VR variant, packaged in a simple cardboard box without a head-strap. We found this idea compelling! Given that the Somnium VR1’s side anchor points are interchangeable and 3D printable, they’re compatible with nearly every head-strap available (we’ve successfully tested with Quest 2 straps, Vive Elite Audio Strap, and several others). Many users prefer to customize their experience, using their own straps and audio solutions, especially since the VR1 comes equipped with a headphone jack and 3 fast USB C ports. This variants will allow us to slightly lower the price of the Pure Base Variant and lower shipping costs as well. Do not worry, other variants will still be shipped in the robust travel case we have shown in the last update! We are currently communicating with our packaging supplier to finalize this cardboard box design and material. We would like to thank our community for amazing tips. We are shaping Somnium VR1 together with you.

Mixed Reality Pass-through footage

We continue to advance our pass-through mode, further leveraging our exceptional mixed-reality camera modules. In our last update, we introduced a remarkable real-time masking feature that lets you mask out your current cockpit setup, whether at home or work. Today, we’re excited to present through-the-lens footage captured on the iPhone 15 Pro. While this video remains unaltered, there might be some interference due to the iPhone camera’s characteristics. However, we’re thrilled about the image quality. We confidently believe that this is the best mixed-reality experience we’ve ever tested on any headset. The clarity, brightness, and vibrancy of the image are unparalleled. We’re eager for you to experience it firsthand at Somnium Connect 2023!

Microphones in Somnium VR1

As a SocialVR company, we understand the significance of clear audio in Virtual Reality. This understanding has led us to invest substantial R&D time to integrate high-quality microphones into our Somnium VR1 headset. We utilize top-tier stereo digital MEMS microphones. A MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical Systems) microphone is constructed using semiconductor manufacturing techniques. Unlike traditional designs, it doesn’t have conventional mechanical components; every element, including the membrane, is etched onto a silicon wafer. Within the microphone’s structure, a microchip transforms the analog audio signal into a digital data stream, which is subsequently relayed to the main PCB of the headset. By converting from analog to digital within the microphone, thereby minimizing the analog component’s length, we achieve enhanced audio quality, as analog signals are vulnerable to interference.

Production update & timeline

We are diligently working to deliver the VR1 headsets as soon as possible. At present, injection-molded plastic parts are in production, with some already reaching our offices for final assembly testing and the rest expected to arrive in upcoming weeks.

Our current plan for several months ahead. We reserve the right to make slight changes & modifications

The same goes with electronics where many parts are arriving as we are releasing this blog post. The Somnium VR1 is one of the most advanced PCVR headsets ever produced, comprised of 22 in-house designed PCBs, boasting over 1,500 electronic components, including integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, and more.

To date, our production timeline remains on track. While we anticipate a smooth process moving forward, we’re aware of potential supply chain delays and findings from final testing that may cause slight adjustments to our timeline. Additionally, we’re refining the head-strap and facial interface to ensure maximum comfort and versatility for our users. While we always prioritize quality over speed, we remain optimistic about adhering to our projected timeline.

Modularity & DIY parts

Internally, we’re continually evaluating ways to enhance the openness of our VR1 headset, surpassing even our initial intentions. While our plans are still under consideration, our ambition extends beyond merely offering diverse, fully-assembled versions of the VR1. We’re contemplating the sale of individual components to cater to the tech-savvy enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into customization.

Our offering could include pre-assembled elements such as the optical stack (combining lenses and screens), cables with released pin-outs, PCBs, tracking circuits, and even plastic components. Additionally, we’ll provide CAD files and 3D printable STLs, among other resources. While such a modular approach might not cater to the average consumer, it empowers those with the ambition to craft a bespoke headset tailored to their preferences.

Somnium VR1 connectivity cables for VR & MR variants of headset.

At Somnium Space, we are strong advocates for open access, and as such, we’ll strive to open-source as many components as our contractual obligations allow. This strategy not only guarantees extended component availability post-warranty but also ensures the VR1’s longevity in the marketplace. Coupled with our commitment to open-source software, the VR1 is poised to serve as an unparalleled creative platform for years to come.

Final Words

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey. Your energy and enthusiasm are palpable, driving us to invest even more time and resources into the VR1 project. If you’ve read up to this point, we genuinely appreciate it. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to share this blog post on social media, Discord, Forums, Reddit, or any other channel you deem significant.

Through the lens picture made with Galaxy Fold 3.

We’re also excited to present a through-the-lens video recorded on the Galaxy Fold 3. Yes, it’s a raw, hand-held video and not a polished lab production, but as you already know by now — we are ALWAYS happy to share PURE, NOT from the laboratory videos and information with you.

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