Why should you buy Virtual Reality Land for Real Money?

Yes. And for the naysayers who wonder who would actually want to buy land that only exists in a cloud server or on the blockchain, lets cast our minds back a few years to a little company called; Linden Labs.

Who is Linden Labs you might be asking yourself? Well they with original fonder Philip Rosedale founded the “game” Second Life which was at its peak engaging over 1,238,900 users and averaged 50,000 folks online at any time. Second Life is still going but has become a strange sort of meme where the press says its dead yet it still makes over $500,000,000.00 per year, has created multiple real world millionaires and is the main income source for thousands of people. All based on buying or in the SL example renting virtual land!

Fast forward to today and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the buzzwords and business owners and forward-looking people are again thinking about land ownership in VR. But for those not in the VR/AR space lets break that down a bit.

Why buy virtual land for real money? Because when you are in VR with your friends in VR too; playing, building, learning, socializing and just plain having fun you forget that its not physically real! Modern virtual reality is “good enough” providing enough data to the eyes, ears and brain to simulate reality and immerse you into completely new world.

So like owning land in your daily life owning land in VR serves exactly the same purpose. It’s a place to live, build, play, learn, grow and entertain. You own the deed. You can rent it, sell it or even build a strip mall and manage that! Today you would be a pioneer but when Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook are all getting into VR and AR you won’t be an early adopter for very long!

Typical adoption of new technology

OK. So now you have this great piece of virtual land. The first thing you want to do is build a house, cabin, cabana, chill-out space or geodesic dome! But how do you do that?

Somnium Space 2D client with modules such as builder, store, chat etc.

Well for Somnium Space you can work in any 3D program that outputs for example .obj files, you can build with the easy to use 2D builder included in the Somnium desktop client OR you can login to the Somnium Store scroll through community made buildings, choose one you like, buy it, customize it and BAAAM! You have, maybe for the first time in some people’s lives, your own land and house that is simply yours.

In Second Life there are many folks who make a real living in real money being a real estate agent “In World” while they may be a mid level technical person in first life without much contact with people. Having this opportunity allows people to try out new careers, meet different folks, become more confident and yes; make more money.

Somnium Space is different when it comes to advertising. By now pretty much everyone knows that advertising is how Google and Facebook make the money to give away such great free stuff. This is an old way of being successful and its called surveillance capitalism by our friend Kent Bye. While its dominant at the moment it is not sustainable as people demand more autonomy and privacy online and off. People are already leaving Facebook in droves, partially because of VR and other platforms that don’t track users so aggressively.

Example of programmatic location based and privacy friendly VR advertising inside Somnium Space

Remembering that, when you buy and build in Somnium its different; but the platform still needs to generate income. So, like in daily life one can erect a billboard on ones property or put signs on the lawn. This might work, but tends to bring up negative stereotypes. So what about letting people interact seamlessly with branded 3D objects on your VR property? These interactive objects could be anything; tablet’s, flagship phones, cars, food products, drinks, games, etc. Because of Somnium’s Partnership with Admix land owners are able to enable this type of non-tracked contextually sensitive advertising instantly and be paid in Somnium Cubes (Somnium Sapce currency) which can be converted to real money!*

If you are convinced by now that Virtual Reality land ownership is what you want, stay tuned, because land will be offered via Initial Land Offering later this summer and like any place you can buy land you can buy a small lot or a large area. You can even combine several parcels into one huge area just for you or co-owned with friends.

The sky is literally limit with your imagination the catalyst for having fun, being with friends and family and yes; making money by owning virtual land in a virtual world. As long as that world is Somnium Space.

Somnium Space is a single, persistent, social virtual world accessible in all major virtual reality headsets. Buy and own land, build, explore, play, grow, learn, and make real money too. Its all up to your imagination.

This article is part 1 of an upcoming series of articles about Somnium Space game mechanics.

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