The first ever 10 Limited Edition personalised Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1s will be auctioned off during Somnium’s Road 2 TLO auctions this July 2021.

Somnium Space is a leading, highly immersive SocialVR platform with its economy and ownership tied to blockchain. Users utilise a broad spectrum of tools such as Visual Builder, Avatars SDK, Builder SDK and WORLDs SDK in order to create and consume various types of experiences from any device. Somnium Space…

You know us at Somnium Space — we never bring epic news one at a time! Instead, we bring them to you all together in one nuclear post! So buckle up your virtual seat belts, because we are about to have a wild ride throughout Somnium Space VR Metaverse announcements!

🗺️ 1. Road 2 TLO: Land Parcels, Estates, WORLDs + Big Surprise

Hello Somnium Citizen! We are delighted to share with you most exciting news we have been working on for some time! Get ready and lets dive into it!

  1. Somnium $CUBE token is now available on GEMINI Exchange.

From now on you can login to and trade CUBE pair. Gemini

A first ever tokenized Somnium Space Genesis AVATAR.

We are excited to introduce Somnium Blockchain AVATARs — an ability to tokenize your custom VR avatars directly from Somnium PC client.

The history was made — first ever Somnium VR AVATAR has been tokenized on Ethereum blockchain and became an NFT token.

Virtual goods are a huge market in…

Since the very beginning of Somnium our vision was clear — to create a decentralized parallel Virtual Reality world for everyone to join and exist. Since 2018 and Somnium V1 we have done an amazing progress.

First things first: mark your calendars because Secondary Land Offering will be happening from the 📅 1st of November — 18th of December! 📅

7 weeks of epic auctions for premium PARCELs via OpenSea and amazing rewards! Moreover this time PARCELs will be available in 3 different currencies — Ethereum…

Creating a Foundation for the future of Somnium Space digital and decentralized Virtual Reality Economy.

From now on you can trade Somnium CUBEs on Uniswap. This step completes our list of platforms where we offer our utility VR currency, after starting at Coinpark, a traditional and reliable (partner of BiBox) crypto exchange, we soon followed on OpenSea, the biggest NFT platform, where we completed our…

Creators contest will take place from 3rd until 17th of August!

We are happy to announce Somnium Space Creators Contest!

Recently we have been adding a lot of amazing features to our world Builder such as 360° portals, advanced web browser support, Visual Scripting, animated and transparent GIFs support, audio and video live-streams and much more!

All those features allow our…

A true native Virtual Reality Treasure hunt happening inside Somnium Space VR

Spoiler alert: Date of SLO and Treasure hunt details are at the bottom of this post!

A short look back

What an incredible and exciting ride it was starting through 2017 with the first MVP and 2018 with our first Somnium Space 1.0 on Steam. In 2019 we completed our…

MAXIMA Reality will be offering premium Real Estates services inside Somnium Space VR world.

Prague (CZ) — 27th of April 2020

Today MAXIMA Reality — one of the biggest real estate agencies in Czech Republic and Somnium Space — leading Virtual Reality platform built on Ethereum blockchain are announcing an official partnership to bring the Virtual Reality real estate market to the general public.

Somnium Space

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!

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