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A first ever tokenized Somnium Space Genesis AVATAR.

We are excited to introduce Somnium Blockchain AVATARs — an ability to tokenize your custom VR avatars directly from Somnium PC client.

The history was made — first ever Somnium VR AVATAR has been tokenized on Ethereum blockchain and became an NFT token.

Virtual goods are a huge market in billions of dollars, but most of this revenue goes to the creators of the platforms and not the creators of the goods themselves.There are non official secondary markets where creators can earn some money, but those markets are not transparent and secure. We are solving this with BLOCKCHAIN Avatars. Somnium Space will only thrive, if creators prosper and can securely monetize their creations. With Avatars on the blockchain we give ALL the control to the creator. The creator will upload his amazing creation and decide how many copies will be created. For example, if an Avatar is one of a kind in a limited edition, the creator can expect to sell it at a premium. …


Somnium Space

We are Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun. Universe shaped entirely by players!

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